Положение о дипломе - Holyland

Учредитель: IARC

Страница в Интернет: http://hamradio.iarc.org/awards/awards.html

The aim of the HOLYLAND AWARD is to contact Israeli Ham stations from different "areas".

The square system
The country is divided geographically, by the Survey Department of Israel, into a grid system resulting in squares of 10 by 10 Kilometers.
North to South coordinates are identified by numbers, while West to East coordinates are identified by letters. The square is defined through the combination of the relevant coordinates i.e. E14.

The Administrative System
The country is divided into 23 administrative regions. Here is a list of the Regions and their respective abbreviations:
Akko AK Hasharon HS Rechovot RH
Ashqelon AS Hebron HB Shekhem SM
Azza AZ Jenin JN Tel Aviv TA
Beer Sheva BS Jerusalem JS Tulkarm TK
Bethlehem BL Kinneret KT Yarden YN
Hadera HD Petah Tiqwa PT Yizreel YZ
Haifa HF Ramallah RA Zefat ZF
Hagolan HG Ramla RM

The 'Areas'
An 'Area' is made up from the 10 by 10 km. grid reference square and the region. For example: E14TA, H08HF. The 'Area' is the basis for the "Holyland Award" and the "Holyland DX Contest". For that purpose the 'Area' must contain land and only that land or any waterway in that 'Area' is considered to be the 'Area'.

Region Boundaries
The region boundaries are drawn in an arbitrary manner so that often the 10 km grid reference square does cover more than one single region. For example, the square H08 lies partly in the region of Haifa, partly in the region of Hadera and partly in the region of Yizreel. As a result one may work, in the same square, three different Areas - H08HF, H08HD and H08YZ.

The Israel Survey Department has printed the following maps:

Country Road Map with a 1:250.000 scale, comprising 2 sheets.
Country Road Map with a 1:100.000 scale, comprising 6 sheets.
Region Map with a 1:250.000 scale, comprising 2 sheets.
The basic award is based on gold anodized aluminum sheet dim. 44 x 32 cm. (17 x 12.4 inch.) Silk epoxy printed in two colors showing an old panorama of Jerusalem from the Mount of Olives.
Each award is personally printed for its winner.
A specimen was sent with the IARC team to the Friedrichshafen hamfest (1992) for the first presentation to the amateur public.

According to the " Holyland Award Scheme " Available here or from Manager:

M. Webman, 4X4JU
P.O.Box 8181,
Petah Tiqwa 49651, Israel.
A contest is held annually, during the month of April, to promote The Holyland Award. Details about the contest and award, on request from the IARC Contest Manager, P.O.Box 17600, Tel Aviv 61176, Israel. (SASE required) A special award for the contest is issued.
Send applications to IARC Award Manager, P.O.Box 17600 Tel Aviv 61176

Record book-10$
Set of Holyland maps-8$
Basic Holyland Award-25$