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500- Ⓙ. () . 1 2001 . 500 . , . . () , : - . UR5Q...... 500 1550 ѳ - , , . . UR5Y........ 380 1621-- 쳺 . . UR5E........ 350 1648 . . . UR5T..... 350 1648 . 쳿 . . . . UR5B...... 350 1649 . . . . UR5P....... 350 1651 . . . ³ . UR5N...... 350 1652 . . . .- . UR5C........ 340 1654 璺 . . . . UR5Z........ 330 1670 , .ѳ, . . . . UR5E........ 330 1690 .ѳ. .ѳ .. () RA1O...... 500 1803 , -II , . . QSO . 1 USD ; 2 USD ; 5 USD . , . : us5qlj@e-mail.ru .6; .66 .в 69123

THE STATUTE OF DIPLOMA THE KNIGHTS OF ZAPOROZHYE The diploma was founded by the group of radio-amateurs of Zaporozhye in honour of 500-th anniversary from the moment of foundation of the fvist Cossacks Syches in Prydniprovie. For getting the diploma it is necessary to conduct radio communications (listers) with radio-amateurs of Zaporozhye region. Only connections which are conducted on the radio-amateurs bands SW, UHF, VHF from january 1-st, 2001, are taken info consideration. It is necessary to get 500 points. Theg are connted as a sune of the years whick contuins radio- amateurs record of service of correspondents from Zaporozhye region. The radio-amateurs stations (expeditions) whick work from the undermentioned places, will give the lack amonnt of points: the island of Baida, Zaporozhye UR5Q..... 500points approximately 1550 --the foundation of the first Cossacks syck on the island of Malaja Khortitsa, whick is situated on the river Dnieper, by Dmytro Vyshnevetsky. Town Khotyn Chernovitskaya region UR5Y ..... 380points 1621the victory of Cossacks in the union with the Army of King of the Poland over the TurkeyTatar Army under Khotyn. Town Zhovty Vody Dniepropetrovsk region UR5E.... 350points 1648the victory of Cossacks Army of B.Khmelnitsky over Poland. The village Pyliavka Khmelnitskaya region UR5T.... 350points 1648rout the Army of Polish King by the Army of B.Khmelnitsky under Pyliavka on Volyn. Town Zboriv Ternopol region UR5B.... 350points 1649the victory of Cossacks over the Army of Polish King. Zborivskiy peace agrement. Town Berestechko Volynskaya region UR5P..... 350points 1651the defeat of Cossacks from the Army of Polish King. The treachery of the allies of CossacksTatars. Town Trostjanec (Batig) Vinnitskaya region UR5N.... 350points 1652the battle under Batig. The victory of Cossacks of B.Khmelnitsky over the Army of Polish King. Town PereuaslavKhmelnitsky Cherkesskaya region UR5C.... 340points 1654the signing of the agreement about the reunion of Ukraine and Russia. Pereyaslavskaya Rada. Town Ochakiv Mykolayevskaya region UR5Z.... 330points 1670the seizure of the Turkish fortress Ochakiv by Cossacks under the guidance of the Kosh Leader I.Sirko. The liberation of staves. The village Kapulivka Dniepropetrovsk region UR5E.... 330points 1690deatk of the Kosh Leader I. Sirko. The grave of I. Sirko is in the village Kapulivka. Solovetskiy cloister (Russia) RA1O.... 500points 1803death of the last Kosh Leader of the Local Army of Zaporozhye- P.Kalnyshevskiy, who was exiled by the Queen Catherine II to Solovetskiy cloister which is situated on the White See. He was buried there. It is counted only one QSO from the mentioned places. The price of the diploma is $ 1- for radio-amateurs of the Ukraine; $ 2-for the CIS; $ 5-- for the foreign countries. The diploma is sent to the adress whick is wtitten by a customer. The claims for the diploma and the paument are taken to the address: Volodymyr Kovalchuk Khortitskiy Highway 6, apartment 66 Zaporozhye ,Ukraine, 69123 us5qlj@e-mail.ru